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Make it Happen!

Rise and shine people. It’s Make it Happen Monday. Any unfinished business, projects, issues, or situations that need to be addressed: Make it Happen today! Stop procrastinating and talking about things that can be done right now.That uncomfortable conversation, Have it! All the tools you need God has already provided. Now MAKE IT HAPPEN! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved ❤️.

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Forgiving Friday

Let’s make today Forgiving Friday. We’ve all experienced hurt feelings, a broken heart, or some type of disappointment. You’ve carried the weight of those feelings for far too long. It’s time to let it go. Move beyond whatever happened and forgive. Forgive that person and most importantly forgive yourself. You will feel better, I promise! Happy Friday! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved.❤️

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Thirsty Thursday

It’s thirsty Thursday! What are you thirsty for? What are some of the things that you long for in your life? Now what are you doing to reach or achieve these things? Anything worth having at all is worth working for, and waiting for. Hard work always pays off! Today I challenge you to think about the things you are thirsty for, write them down, make a plan, target a specific date, and execute! It all comes down to how bad you really want it! Now, Go Get It! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved. ❤️

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Worship Wednesday

Worship Wednesday. When I think about worship I reflect on what I spend my time on and how. I think about my thoughts, my actions, and how they reflect my praise and worship. Often I find myself guilty of not allowing my actions to reflect the praise I have for the God I worship. Truly when you’ve been blessed there is no need to boast or find fame in your glory. But for HIS glory our worship should be consistent, regular, and for REAL. Let HIM shine through your worship. It’s because of HIM that I SMILE. Choose to Worship. Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved.❤️

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From Test to Testimony

In every test that your life will face, there will be a testimony. Meaning that no matter how hard a situation is when God brings you out of it, you will be able to see the good in it. Life’s rough patches don’t go away but if you are patient and stay the course there is a benefit on the other side. Learn to embrace the challenge and depend on God for strength and guidance. He doesn’t give us these assignments to hurt us. Instead he wants us to grow. If you always remain comfortable, you’ll never experience growth. Remember, at the end of every test there’s a testimony! Stay focused, depend on God, and know that you can make it! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved!

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What is your purpose?

Ever thought about why you were created? What you were meant to do? What your passion in life is? Many of us go through life trying to answer these questions. Finding your purpose takes focus, prayer, and a desire to be honest with yourself. You have to pay attention to what your spirit and your heart says. Your purpose doesn’t always come wrapped up as a 9-5 you visit everyday. Sometimes it’s the after you clock in and out that fulfills your purpose in life. Whatever your purpose, make sure you fulfill it. Be intentional about practicing your purpose daily. Only when we live in purpose, on purpose, and with purpose will our lives feel complete. Be safe, be blessed, and have a terrific Tuesday! I love you. ❤️

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Exercise your FAITH

As I navigate this phase of my life I am learning to exercise my faith. It became practice to say “have faith”, but not be accountable for actually exercising it. For years I have walked in fear, doubt, and sometimes shame. This is NOT the way God wants us to live. God wants us to live an abundant life! This type of life requires us to trust him in ALL things. Today, I encourage you to exercise your faith, trust God with your life, and know that HE has you covered! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved. ❤️

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Don’t let the madness in your Monday weigh you down. You have a right to choose how your day will be. Choose today to start something new, do something different, or set new goals. As life passes us by we must remember that nothing but the love of Christ lasts forever. Change is inevitable and sometimes we have to be the change. So, change the way you respond to Monday and watch it change your life! Everyday is a gift from God, we must choose to live accordingly. Have a marvelous Monday! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved. ❤️

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It’s A New Season!

As the seasons begin to change I am reminded that change is inevitable. I’ve changed, relationships change, people change, and our priorities change. It used to make me uncomfortable when people change, but I’ve come to realize it’s not always them. In fact, most often I’m the one that has changed. You see, in order to grow we have to be uncomfortable. When you’re uncomfortable, you’re changing! Change doesn’t have to be a negative experience. It may be painful, but God is with us every step of the way. I no longer live in fear of the uncertainty of life and other people. Those are things I can’t control. Instead I live everyday desiring God to consume more of me. When my focus is on him I have less time and opportunity for frivolous things. I am learning to TRUST the Process, leaving all my cares and concerns to HIM. HE knows, and HE cares! Have a wonderful Wednesday and know that you are loved. ❤️Be safe, be blessed. It’s a NEW SEASON!

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Food for thought!

I’m so glad that I serve a God that sits high and looks low. Because of HIM I can face any and everything that comes my way. Sometimes I don’t understand it but what I DO know is that I will get through it. You see, most of what the enemy fails to realize is that they can attack you all they want. It’s that FULL ARMOR OF GOD that they need to be afraid of! Every morning I pray and ask God to cover me and those closest to me. I ask him for wisdom in every situation. Don’t you think for a second that HE doesn’t hear his child and answers when she calls. Be careful who you play with and whose battlefield you choose to walk on. God is my protector and HE will fight every demon (person or thing) that rises against me and mine! With God, there is no fear, and I have no fear. Stop wasting your time and energy on things not suited for PURPOSE! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved! ❤️

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