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Sometimes we have to be reminded that being courageous is directly tied to the level and intensity of your faith. I am at a place in my life where I am choosing to conquer my fears and trust God! This takes both the courage to stay the course and the faith to know that God will do exactly what HE says He is going to do. Courage manifested is FAITH. With God, ALL things are possible. No longer do I have to live in fear. Instead I choose LIFE one day at a time. Be patient with your process and don’t quit! Have a tremendous Thursday and know that you are loved! ❤️ Be safe, blessed.

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Food for thought!

I’m so glad that I serve a God that sits high and looks low. Because of HIM I can face any and everything that comes my way. Sometimes I don’t understand it but what I DO know is that I will get through it. You see, most of what the enemy fails to realize is that they can attack you all they want. It’s that FULL ARMOR OF GOD that they need to be afraid of! Every morning I pray and ask God to cover me and those closest to me. I ask him for wisdom in every situation. Don’t you think for a second that HE doesn’t hear his child and answers when she calls. Be careful who you play with and whose battlefield you choose to walk on. God is my protector and HE will fight every demon (person or thing) that rises against me and mine! With God, there is no fear, and I have no fear. Stop wasting your time and energy on things not suited for PURPOSE! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved! ❤️

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Don’t fear, HE is with you!!!

I always know when God wants my attention because HE disrupts my sleeping pattern. When this first began to happen was after my parents died. I was unable to sleep for days on end and I just assumed it was apart of the grieving process. As days, months, and now a couple years have passed, I have been able to return to a somewhat normal sleep cycle. But! At times HE still requires more of my time and attention. I live a busy, always got something going on type of life. On top of that I’m a thinker so quite often I find myself “resting” but my brain is still in motion. God knows exactly how to disrupt my pattern. HE does this generally because there’s something in my life that is going to shift and requires my full attention. I’ve learned that when I am in a season of shifting it is important for me to pay close attention to everything around me. This is when I spend more time praying, reading my word, and praising my way through! It doesn’t matter what happens in the end because HE is always with me and HE will perfect everything that concerns me. Don’t give in, don’t give up! God is always with you. Have a wonderful day! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved. ❤️

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Trust Him

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone means doing things different in order to reflect change in your life. God never promised that life would be easy. What HE did promise was to never leave or forsake you. Your worrying has never changed or made your situation better. Learning to trust HIM in every situation makes life SO much easier. To whom MUCH is given, MUCH is required. It’s a new day, it’s a new season. Have a wonderful day, be safe, be blessed and know that you are loved. ❤️

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New Season

Sometimes I think God allows you to remove yourself from things so that HE can get you alone. So HE can renew and refresh the work that HE has started in you. As the seasons in my life are ever changing I’ve learned to maintain a healthy space for my inner self and a peaceful spirit no matter what. I don’t always understand what goes on around me but I do know that God will perfect everything and everyone that concerns me. Life is all about change and I too must learn to adjust. In this season of being still and remaining quiet I am learning many valuable lessons. The greatest of these is that I have nothing to prove to anyone. I am HIS creation and HE made me to HIS liking. Therefore, I have no reason to doubt or fear. I may not be where I want to be but I am definitely on my way. I am becoming exactly who HE wants me to be. The opinions of others don’t matter! It feels so good to be free! This is me……..Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved. ❤️

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Ever had one of those days where you feel like crying and really can’t tap into why? Every now and then those of us who are usually strong for everyone else have moments where our feelings and emotions get the best of us. I’m learning to practice gratitude during these difficult moments. The more I focus on how good God is the less time I spend pondering things that are beyond my control. “Greater is HE that is in me, than he that is in the world.” Have a fantastic Friday. Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved .❤️

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He will show up!

As I write this, my eyes are filled with tears. This week I have been reminded that even though I grow weary with waiting, God always shows up! Several months ago I began reading the Prayer of Jabez. As I focused on intentionally asking God to enlarge certain areas of my life it became very clear that in order for this to happen I needed to grow. I had to focus more on what I was doing and less on what other people were doing. It’s NOT my job to please other people or allow their dysfunction to disrupt my life. Loving people from a distance is becoming a practice for me. I can love you and keep my peace. God knows what I want and HE is well aware of what I need. His timing is the catch! Things won’t always happen when I want them to but if I remain FAITHFUL or the little things, HE will show up! I am now able to see the good in every experience, failure, and letdown. I needed to be reminded of who God is and how HE can place me in situations that I could have never imagined. Don’t grow weary in well doing, wait on God. HE’s ALWAYS on time! Happy Saturday. Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you! ❤️

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Sometimes I get so anxious about what’s to come in my life and then I remember that I am NOT in control. Being the type of person that has been forced to take the lead on most things and be responsible for others, it just seems like making it happen is what I do. But when you are forced to wait on God to move it can be SO uncomfortable. Patience is an area of growth that I see needs work. I feel like I’m patient and then I get anxious, start to worry, and at times doubt it’s going to ever happen. I know that having faith and giving it to God is a part of, or should be a part of our Christian journey but to say I don’t struggle at times would be a lie. As a mature in HIM, I’m learning that I only want what HE has already said is mine. If HE didn’t do it, I don’t want it! Not my time, but his time. Not my will, but his! If I have to wait, I’ll wait on him. Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved ❤️.

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It’s Turning Around……

As I wake this Sunday morning in my spirit there’s a song, “Turning Around For Me”, by Vashawn Mitchell. The way I used to deal with things that bother me is much different these days. It’s so funny, you can be having the best day, feel good, look good, and in a split second something changes the forecast of your day. But know this, no matter what you are going through, it’s turning around for YOU. You are NOT alone in your struggle whatever it may be. Don’t let that struggle dictate your day. Acknowledge it, adjust your position, and let it go. If God brings you to it, HE will bring you through it. God is just that GOOD! Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you. ❤️

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