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Woke up to news I wasn’t ready to accept. Nonetheless, I know that God is in control. Seems like I am in a season of tests. Tests that are requiring me to truly exercise my faith! When my parents died I remembered feeling like there was no worse situation that I could be in or go through. I still feel that in some ways, yet I also know it was a test of my faith. Was I going to allow my flesh to lead or God? Was I going to allow myself to succumb to grief or was I going to rejoice? Would I allow my current situation to determine my final destination? My response, NO! No matter what things look like, seem like, or feel like in the moment, PRESS ON! Don’t allow anything or anyone to write your story. God is the author, and with him you are VICTORIOUS! You don’t have to worry about anything, trust God. When your faith is grounded all you have to do is watch and wait on HIM! Have a fabulous Friday! Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you.

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Trust HIM

Ever wonder where you’d be without God’s grace and his mercy? Ever wonder why HE saved you? Do you ever feel like why ME Lord? I do, I do, and I do! I think about these things almost daily. Thinking to myself “Now Lord I told you, you had my attention. Was all this necessary?” I laugh because even when I think HE had my attention, HE still didn’t HAVE MY ATTENTION. Sometimes HE allows things to happen because we refuse to give it to HIM. Where the mind goes, the spirit will follow. Be careful of who and what has your attention. Stay focused! Just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean your answers not coming. Your peace, your joy, your understanding in every situation, IS COMING! Give it to God, then TRUST HIM. Now that’s a 3am word! Have a wonderful Thursday, know that I love you. Be safe, be blessed.

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Be Intentional

The best feeling in the world is to love and be loved that much more in return. Sometimes we wait all our lives to be loved and it’s been waiting patiently for you to be ready. Just because you think you’re ready for something doesn’t always mean that you are. Be intentional about what you ask God for. Know that what you’re praying for, you’ve done your part at being ready and prepared for. Stop asking God to give you things you aren’t ready for. Take some time and work on you! The reward is so much better! Have a wonderful Saturday and know that I love you. Be safe, be blessed.

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Talkin’ Tuesday

Lets make today Talkin’ Tuesday. I challenge you to only talk about things that are positive and uplifting. If you find that hard to do, you (including me) need a little work. All too often we complain and talk about the negative things in life. Don’t you know that life and death are in the power of the tongue? Speak LIFE! Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you! Happy Tuesday.

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Faithful Friday!

It’s Faithful Friday. Ever wondered why God is so faithful? Because HE loves us! Can you say the same? Are you faithful to those you care about and love? Webster defines faithful as, “unswerving adherence to a person or thing or to the oath or promise by which a tie was contracted”. Does that sound like you? How can we ask so much of God when we aren’t willing to fully commit to the little things he asks of us? I know, we have work to do. Now lets GET IT! Happy Friday, I LOVE You. Be safe, be blessed!

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It’s a NuSeasn….

How did you start your day off? I started my day with prayer. Not asking for anything, but being thankful for everything! I’ve not fully arrived, but I’m so thankful I’m not who I used to be. Self doubt, insecurity, and low self esteem doesn’t live here anymore! Everyday is a Nu day, a Nu you, a NuSEASN! Now Go Get It! Have a fabulous Friday and know that I love you. Be safe, be blessed! Copyright © 2019 NuSeasn. All rights reserved.