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It’s A Process

Often times I reflect on things and situations in my life and wonder, “Did I make the right decision? Did I think things through? Did I put forth my BEST effort?” Hmm, on MOST occasions the answer would be yes. You see I’m human, I allow my feelings and emotions to get the BEST of me at times. But when they began to control my decisions I know it’s time to reevaluate. Everything in life either comes with a blessing, a lesson, or a price. NOTHING in life is free. When we acknowledge our mistakes we allow ourselves the opportunity for growth. Lessons sometimes have to be repeated. The blessing in situations sometimes has to be hidden, and the price is sometimes very costly. The joy in it all is that in most cases you changed. YOU became a better YOU. Through our tests and trials we gain strength and knowledge. We recognize our strengths and our weaknesses. What are you willing to acknowledge about yourself? Are you being honest? Lol, the truth about ourselves can be appalling! Decide today to: Live, Learn, Laugh, Love unconditionally, REPEAT! Have a blessed day, I love you all.

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Happy Monday

Happy Monday! Today my focus is to be thankful for everything I experience and every lesson learned. I want to focus my attention on all the wonderful things God has given and not the things lost. Yesterday was one of the worse days I’ve had since the loss of my parents. Yet, I’m still standing. I think I’ve recited “FAITH over fear” a million times in the last 24 hours. I can’t “preach” that which I am unwilling to practice. I never want to question God’s timing but there are days I still remain in a state of disbelief. But God! If I haven’t learned anything in the last year, I’ve learned that God provides. He knows the desires of my heart, and HE will take care of me. Stay grounded in the word and know that God will never take you to a place that he’s not willing to keep you. I love you all! Be safe, be blessed and have a marvelous Monday!

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Before you waste another moment of your life I want you to release all that is holding you back. As we mature we should be shedding some of the baggage that we’ve carried around for far too long. Broken promises, childhood disappointment, failed relationships, and personal setbacks all play a part in who we are today. If you’ve never allowed yourself the opportunity to let it go, today is YOUR DAY! Let it go! You will never reach your full potential until you move beyond your past. Stop allowing the mishaps of yesteryear keep you in bondage. It’s YOUR TIME! It’s time to LIVE! Have a terrific Tuesday and know that you are loved! Be blessed.

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Happy Sunday!

Good morning! Today is a great day to start all over again. Yesterday is gone, today is already passing, and tomorrow is not promised. Spend time with those you love making memories that last a lifetime. If you love someone, show them. If you’ve hurt someone, apologize. If you need help, ask. If you see someone down, help them get up. Life is too short. Allow yourself to be a blessing to someone else. Happy Sunday, I love you all. Copyright © 2019 NuSeasn

“ME” time

Sometimes a much needed vacation is necessary. All too often we find ourselves tackling life without the opportunity to focus on ourselves and those we love the most. As the holidays come to an end a lot of us will return to work/school and began our regularly scheduled “hustle and bustle”. Please remember to take time out of your busy schedules to take care of you. Plan some alone time, date night, or simply a time to read a good book. Self care is imperative to your health, your mental health especially. Start today and take care of you. Have a wonderful Wednesday and know that I love you! Be blessed!

Tuesday token…..

Truth of the matter is we are all creatures of habit. We do what we know, what we’ve always done, and what we’re comfortable doing. Be a pillar of change. Do something different, learn something new, and dare to think outside the box! Decide to either be history or write history. It’s a new season! Have a terrific Tuesday and remember I love you even if nobody else does! ❤️

It’s funny how things come full circle. In the end, the true intent and character of a person will always show itself. I am grateful that in this phase of my life God continues to place me in situations where I am able to realize just how far HE’s brought me. People laugh when I talk about my front row, but I thank God I have one. I am so glad I’m not where I used to be. Happy Sunday, I love you all. ❤️

Transform your mind

Sometimes when in a valley situation we allow our mind and our thoughts to engage in unhealthy practices. We open our spirit to negativity and captive thinking. Rejoice in your opportunity today to refresh your mind, your heart, and your spirit. Everyday that we have life, we experience a new opportunity to get it right. A new direction, requires a new frame of mind. Change your mind, change your life! Happy Saturday, I love you all.