Well first of all I want to thank your for being the “gap” in the lives of me and my children. Many people speak of filling in the gap, but baby you were the GAP! Not an hour, not an minute goes by that I don’t think of you. You were my heart, and truly the wind beneath my wings. If I had a million tongues I couldn’t say I love you enough. Thank you for always encouraging me to do and be the BEST Christian/woman/mother I could be. Even in my wrong, you always found a way to encourage me. When the world has turned its back on me you always remained my constant. While I know that you are smiling down on me, I still at times question why? Why my momma? But every time that thought crosses my mind, I can hear you saying “to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord”. Momma, you are present with the Lord. No matter what comes, and no matter who goes, I will forever cherish the unbreakable bond that we share. Today, I hold close our morning chats, our late night laughs, and most importantly our every Sunday after church brunch. Momma, I promise to never let the legacy you’ve begun end. Your spirit lives on in me. Though I end this note, my love for you is forever.

Love Always, 


(The Bonnie to Your Clyde)