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Thursday’s Thoughts: Love

Thursday’s thought: Love. Instead of tuning in for our LIVE blog at 6pm, I’m asking all of you to reach out to 5 people you haven’t heard from in a while and tell them you LOVE them. This can be done via FB, phone call, text, Snapchat, or whatever. Just do it! Life is short and everyone needs and desires to feel and be loved! I love you all, have a blessed Thursday!

Thursday’s Thoughts: Do unto others……

Good morning people! Happy Thursday and welcome to today’s Thursday’s Thoughts: Do unto others. What does that phrase mean to you? How do you respond or want others to respond to you? How do you treat those around you? We will openly discuss this today at 6pm. Like, share, join in the discussion. God blesses us to be a blessing. I love you, see you at 6pm.

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Thursday Thoughts: What does Father’s Day mean to you?

When I think of Father’s Day, I think about my daddy and how much he loved me. Even though he is no longer with me physically I never had to question his love for me. What are your thoughts on Father’s Day? What are some of your BEST and WORSE memories? What brings you joy as a father? We are being transparent here. Join us at 6pm as we go LIVE and discuss Father’s Day! Log in and let’s discuss. I love you and have a blessed day!

Thursday’s Thoughts: Encouragement

Ever find yourself sad, depressed, and feeling alone? Ever just need to be encouraged? How are you encouraged? Who encourages you? What do you do to encourage others? What are your suggestions to and for those needing extra encouragement? Tune in to our LIVE blog at 6pm and be ready to discuss with us. Have a blessed day and remember I love you.

Thursday’s Thoughts: What is Love?

Is it a feeling, an expression, a thought, or a gesture? Is it the way we talk, think, or act? What is love? How do I see it? How do I show it? How do I desire it? What is love to you? Join me today at 5:30pm as we go live and discuss LOVE. Please like, share, and comment your thoughts. See you at 5:30pm.

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