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When things are going great, pray. When all else fails, pray. When you feel alone and blue, pray. When you have some friends and the times you have none, pray. You see the trend here? In everything you do, and in every situation good or bad, PRAY! Prayer changes things people! When your relationship with God becomes just as important as some of the other ones you tend to value, your life will change for the better. Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved! ❤️ Have a fabulous Friday!

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Keep going…

Just when you think you can’t go any further, keep going. In the moment it may feel as though you are about to drown, keep swimming. When all has failed and you’ve run out of options, keep striving! I know we talk about this all the time but seasons DO CHANGE people! What seems hopeless right now is just the beginning of your breakthrough. God will keep his promise to you. Stay the course, remain focused, and keep your mind stayed on HIM! He will never leave or forsake you. Have a terrific Tuesday and know that I love you. Be safe, be blessed!

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Wait for it….

Living your life to the fullest doesn’t always mean getting and doing what you want. Sometimes the greatest treasures are those you’ve waited for the longest. As a people we tend to get so caught up in the ‘have not’ section of our lives we forget to be grateful for all that we do have. Wait for it, whatever it is will come. I love you all, goodnight.

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Stay the course

No matter what it looks like, stay the course! Things may not be going they way you’d like or happening as fast as you’d like but trust God has a plan! He is very intentional about the seasons he places us in. Every season is NOT for you to understand, but for you to grow and learn to trust him. God never fails, we fail him. We worry, we doubt, we take things into our own hands. Oh ye of little faith! Don’t you know that all it takes is a small amount of faith to turn your entire situation around? You better shake that devil off and get you some! Life is too short. Have some faith, trust God, and know he had a plan for your life! Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you!! ❤️ Happy Friday!!

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Be encouraged!

Here’s to another day and another opportunity to get it right. Each of us carry our own struggles and sometimes that can be quite overwhelming. The blessing in those struggles is that when we wake each day we have been granted another chance to get it right. If you are reading this you are blessed. Just because things may not appear to be perfect or going the way you thought or think they should does NOT mean you aren’t blessed. Somebody, somewhere, didn’t wake up this morning. There are families around the world mourning the loss of a loved one. Remember that even in our struggles and our pain God has the power to change your situation. Tap into the word and trust God to turn it around. Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you! ❤️

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Trust God

Life is so amazing. In everything we experience God always provides an opportunity for you to allow him in. Sometimes we get so busy focusing on our situation that we forget the promise. God’s promise to us is that he will never leave us nor forsake us. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad about that. I’ve been blessed to have great friends, a wonderful significant other, and my family: they’re the BEST! But nothing beats having God by your side. He is never failing, always available, and shows up right on time! Stop allowing your situation to get you down. When you feel lonely, trust God. When you are hurt, trust God. When you are afraid, trust God. When…….you get the point. In everything, TRUST GOD! I pray you have a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved. ❤️

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This morning I am reminded of what can happen when you get distracted. When you get distracted you allow space for the enemy to occupy. The enemy can only occupy the space that you allow and invite him/her/it in. During times of uncertainty and chaos remember to stay focused! The plans and life that God has for you, for us, is much bigger than anything else. Stay focused on God and what HE’s doing in your life. As I watched the news this morning I immediately began to worry about my children and what was going to happen if things get worse. But as the music played in the background I was reminded that the God I serve has never left me nor forsaken me. At that moment I was reminded to STAY FOCUSED! Check on your family and those connected to you. Happy Tuesday. Be safe, be blessed, and remember that you are loved! ❤️

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Be NOT dismayed….

With everything going on in the world I am reminded that God is the keeper of my life and my soul. Although the days ahead seem more uncertain, they always have been. Our days here on this earth are numbered. They were the day we were born. God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. Yet he reminds us daily to live life and live it abundantly. While we take cautious actions to keep ourselves and those connected to us safe let’s not forget who is TRULY in control! God is the God of ALL THINGS! This COVID-19 is NOT bigger than God. Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved. ❤️

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Happy Friday

It has been a LONG week! I am so thankful that God has chose me to do this thing called life. Life is so full of unexpected surprises, both good and some not so good. The thing I find most comfort in is that I know God is always with me. This time last week my son and I were ill and in slow motion. Fast forward to now, both up and at it. I think sometimes God will slow us down and our bodies are his means of doing so. While I was home for those 5 days I had a lot of time to blog, write in my journal, and just debrief. I was able to check out for a little bit. When your everyday consists of helping others manage and deal with life, working 10 hour days, making sure everyone in your life is good, there’s very little time to self care. I talk about self care all the time but it’s very rare that I practice it. I’m a giver, I invest in others, and it’s my calling to counsel, coach, and inspire. But when my cup is empty I have NOTHING to pour into others. So what I’m saying is, take care of you. If you don’t, God will give you a forced time out. We have to replenish our heart, our mind, and our spirit regularly. It’s necessary! You’d be amazed at how much better you feel when you regain your focus! Have a fantastic Friday! Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved. ❤️ Copyright © 2020 NuSeasn. All rights reserved.

Let Love Lead

Just finished watching a message from #TheLoveLetter series by Bishop T.D. Jakes. What a revelatory moment! Sometimes you have to suffer and labor a while before you are able to pass the test. But in the meanwhile, allow love to lead. Watching, fighting, praying, and most of all working to lead in LOVE. Sometimes that will mean long suffering. Just know that it won’t be in vain and that just like you see the truth in others actions, so does God. Love anyway……Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved.

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