About Me

Where do I start?  I’m just me!  Most importantly, I’ve grown to LOVE ME!  My life hasn’t always been easy but, I survived.  I am a survivor of many things.  I have survived molestation, abuse, divorce, and many other disappointments.  In December 2017 I lost 2 of my heartbeats, my parents.  My mom died December 21st, and my dad died December 31st (the day after my mother’s funeral). When they died, a part of me died.  While it would be easy to wallow in grief and despair, I have decided to resurrect their spirits and live my life out loud.

My greatest accomplishment in life has been becoming a mother.  I love my babies and of all the things I cherish and hold deeply, its motherhood. My children are the focus of my hard work and the encouragement I need daily to put my best foot forward.

Faith is the thing that keeps me along this journey, as I walk daily to be closer to HIM.  Who said ministry had to come from behind the pulpit, or even in the church.  God has given me a voice to share with you.