Monthly Archives: August 2020


Sometimes I get so anxious about what’s to come in my life and then I remember that I am NOT in control. Being the type of person that has been forced to take the lead on most things and be responsible for others, it just seems like making it happen is what I do. But when you are forced to wait on God to move it can be SO uncomfortable. Patience is an area of growth that I see needs work. I feel like I’m patient and then I get anxious, start to worry, and at times doubt it’s going to ever happen. I know that having faith and giving it to God is a part of, or should be a part of our Christian journey but to say I don’t struggle at times would be a lie. As a mature in HIM, I’m learning that I only want what HE has already said is mine. If HE didn’t do it, I don’t want it! Not my time, but his time. Not my will, but his! If I have to wait, I’ll wait on him. Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved ❤️.

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