Happy Monday!

I don’t know what happened but there has definitely been a shift and for that I am glad. I am so happy that God doesn’t allow me to be fooled or misled by people and things that mean me no good. I pray on it, and it is revealed. There are some lessons in dealing with things that I am still learning and today I’m thankful for those lessons. Depending on God in every situation is a challenge for me sometimes. But, I’m trusting solely him everyday that he gives me breath to be the head of my life. With him as the head there’s nothing that I can’t accomplish and anything that doesn’t align with his plan for my life be void. Being a child of God has so many perks! In him I believe the impossible. With him I am protected, and in him do I place my trust and cast my cares. Today, I encourage you to stop trusting man and trust God! When you trust God he will perfect everything that concerns you! Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you! ❤️ Happy Monday!

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