Fear Not

The word says “fear not for I am with you”. This morning I am reminded that even in times that I feel alone God is always with me. I’ve grown to understand that I am a very unique woman, and only the strong survive in my world. I am my own individual and usually maintain a guarded level of vulnerability and trust. It used to bother me that I didn’t fit in, and that I may not possess what’s appealing to most, but not anymore. You see, I’ve realized that I’m NOT for everybody. The blessing is that those that God has placed in my life come without force and expectation. They are willfully present and provide comfort and support consistently. Today, I am ever grateful for NOT being alone in this thing called life. I am blessed to have awesome friends and family that love and support me through my good, and my bad. With God, you are never alone. Remember that! Have a wonderful day and remember I love you! ❤️ Be safe, be blessed….

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