Daily Archives: September 14, 2019

Happy Saturday! While it isn’t how I expected my Saturday to be, I am yet blessed. I am so thankful that I serve a God that looks beyond my faults! Man, that right there will preach! Lol. Y’all ever go through something and just feel so overwhelmed that you truly don’t know how you’re gonna survive it? Life is funny like that huh? The mere situations that you think will destroy who and what you are, are the very ones that have been sent to test your faith. It doesn’t matter what I go through, I will get through it. I may not understand and it may hurt, but I will survive. I was just built like that! A TRUE survivor! I see it like this, if God can take both my parents, my only support system in 10 days, and it’s been almost 2 years and I’m still here…..I can survive just about anything! Today, I challenge you to press in and press forward. It gets hard, it gets lonely, and most often you feel like nobody understands, just know that you’ll make it. Be safe, be blessed, and KNOW that I love you! ❤️ Happy Saturday! 😊

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