Day 13

Today it seems as though I have writer’s block. There’s so much I could say or that I want to say but I can’t get the words out. Not sure what this discomfort is about but I am determined to pray my way through the day. Because of the things I’ve committed to doing, I have no choice but to press in and press on. Just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean something has to be wrong. God has me covered, and has you covered as well. I pray your day is filled with peace, love, and positivity. Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you. ❤️

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2 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. If your journey is comfortable, it’s, probably, not the journey God designed for you. God calls us to live lives of impact and influence, and such a life is, always, in some way, uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it is, also, the most fulfilling and joyful life we can live! Press on, lil sister. Press and PROSPER in your purpose!

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