Daily Archives: August 6, 2019

Day 12

Continue to pray. Sometimes we get so frustrated with our situation that we don’t feel like God is with us. It’s in these times that we must dig deep in our faith. Even when you feel like God is answering know that he is still with you. Just because it doesn’t look good, or feel good to you doesn’t mean that God isn’t in it. I am learning that I have to release the control and allow God to work. I have been so used to “fixing” everything that I find it hard to let go, and let God. I figure why wait when I can make a decision now. But that is NOT having faith! That’s me operating out of being afraid of failure, afraid of rejection, afraid of not being enough, afraid that things won’t get done. Everyday is a struggle but I won’t give up, and I won’t give in! Instead I will continue to take it all to God in prayer. Prayer changes things. Have a wonderful day! Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you. ❤️

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