You never know who you may bless!

Long post ALERT! I don’t usually express the thoughts of my supporters but today I am overjoyed. With my busy life, ministry, family, etc. I often neglect my NuSeasn email. Most people inbox me or text or call or something. I had some downtime this evening and decided to go clean out the junk emails. My email has been flooded, (guess I better check more often) with men and women in relationships or situations that have been hurt or people who have been inspired by something we’ve discussed on live or just the many topics we cover daily. Whatever you do, whatever you say, with whom ever you do it with remember to be honest, be kind, and be loving. There are so many hurt people in this world. I’m no expert but what I will say is be HONEST! If you love them, love hard, love without restrictions, and most of all don’t stop loving. If you need to apologize, get it out the way. Free yourself and others from carrying that baggage. If it’s something inspirational you think to say or to encourage someone else cease the moment. You never know what someone else is going through. None of us get it right all the time, but please don’t stop trying. I’m a big cry baby so I’ll stop there. Just know your support matters and if nobody tells you, I love you!

Thank you all so much for blessing me with your continued support. There’s much more to come. God is good! ❤️

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