Day 7……

When you learn to control your emotions you allow God access to your life. Just because I have been hurt and situation in life have caused me pain does not mean I have to live in it everyday. Our emotions, most often are temporary and if we don’t control them they will take over. Unstable emotions, repeated processing of anger, and a lack of desire to move beyond your pain will cause mass chaos in your life. But when you have accepted the fact that there will be hurt, there will be disappointment, there will be transgressions, you prepare your heart and mind to handle these things accordingly. You do NOT have to relive everything that has happened to YOU! Let it go! You can’t control the behaviors and actions of other people but you can control how you respond. Your response to people that have hurt or mishandled you is a direct reflection of how you want God to handle you. Be careful how you treat people. Sometimes you will be placed in the valley only to figure out you don’t have to stay there! Your valley situation is only as painful as you make it. Take some time, process the pain, and make the decision to move beyond it! You are NOT the things that have happened to you. Thank God for grace and mercy. Be safe, be blessed, and know that you are loved.❤️

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