Day 1…..

Surviving traumatic experiences can leave you with mental, emotional, anxiety, and stress issues. These experiences have a way of causing you to question your value, your place in life, and your ability to survive. How do I know? I’ve been there. In fact, I’m surviving the effects of trauma as we speak. When you’ve had a great loss experience, your mind goes into shock. No longer are you able to sort through the reality of what’s happening to you. You don’t understand why, you can’t figure out what’s next to do, and you only know how to survive in the moment. Your actions and your mind are unable to rationalize or process the pain. You immediately respond in protective mode, and do what you must to survive at that time. It’s at that place God begins to carry you. God will carry you through any traumatic situation designed to deter your purpose. As I begin my healing process I realize that I am frightened by what counseling may reveal. Why do I feel broken, why do I feel unwanted, why am I not enough, and in this moment why does it hurt so bad? After sitting in an distorted frame of being the last 5 weeks, this morning I realize that this setback has to be the start of my comeback! God didn’t create me to live like this. I was created for GREATNESS. In the heart and mind of somebody I AM WORTH IT! Just because it happened is not a reflection on me. Time to get my power back. Day 1, counseling. Time to let go of every hurt that’s blocking my peace, interrupting my life, and ultimately trying to delay my PURPOSE! The devil thought he had me……

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4 thoughts on “Day 1…..

  1. Thank you for your vulnerability. It’s hard to admit when things are not going as we have planned or hoped for them to be. Life is funny that way, it throws us curve balls and we have to figure out how to catch them and throw them back. The great thing about God is that he gives us new Grace and mercies everyday to have another chance to get it right.

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  2. WOW!!!! You are inspiring, encouraging, exposing and restoring all at once. Thankful for you to remind us let me correct that ME that this process will not break me but build me. Thanks for being vulnerable and transparent..Your GREATER is NOW! Continued blessings to you and the journey you’re on.

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