Even the strong struggle sometimes to find peace and understanding. Oftentimes, we spend the most of our time and energy pouring into and investing in others that we don’t make time to affirm and address our own needs. Today, I find myself needing to address a few things that internally I thought I could sweep under the rug. Negative! In fact, I think I’ve probably done more damage than good not allowing myself to sit in the pain and hurt. I say all of this to say, God is near the broken-hearted. We have to acknowledge our pain, be honest about our healing, and never apologize for the process. My forgiving spirit has kept me in emotional turmoil. Knowing that I have to forgive, and suppressing the effects of what forgiveness may look like. What I do know is that God has never led me to a place that HE won’t keep my mind, my heart, my spirit, and my soul. Though the tears fall and the calm of a quiet room resonate, I am reminded that HE has his BEST just for me. What may seem like another season of pain and endurance, could possibly be my season of turnaround. Have a blessed Saturday, may your weekend be filled with love and laughter! Be safe, be blessed.

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