Daily Archives: June 30, 2019

Anxious? Worried? Unsure of your next steps? Don’t be! Don’t you know that God is in control of your life and your steps have already been ordered? Don’t you know that any attack the enemy places in your way you have the power to abort their mission? You see, I am guilty of allowing the enemy to deprive me of my peace, my happiness, my sleep, my courage, etc. As I grow and become more focused on God I’m learning that nothing the enemy does surprises God. God knows about it and he’s already making provisions for me. As long as I stay in his will and focus on being what HE wants me to be, everything else will either work out according to God’s purpose for my life or to prepare me for something greater. There’s a message and a lesson in everything. So, stop worrying, stop fretting, stop allowing the enemy to get you off your focus. Stop second guessing that which you’ve already been shown. Ask God for clarity, HE will send it. Have a blessed Sunday and know that no matter what, I love you!

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