So, yesterday one of my administrators posted some very thought provoking points of discussion. As I joined the conversation what I found most intriguing is the number of women that have had some of the same experiences. Each woman that chimed in had been hurt by someone in which they’d trusted. Some of this hurt has caused scars that have yet to heal. Today, I pray that every person who has been scarred by a previous relationship be healed. Allow yourself an opportunity to love and be loved again. This doesn’t excuse the behavior of others but will allow you the freedom you need to move on. We are all imperfect people trying to exist in a world trust had many challenges. If you want to be in a relationship work on you first. Work on being the best you possible. Hurt people, hurt people. We’ve got to break this cycle. Love more and forgive often. The best relationship to begin with is with God. Allow his presence in your life and watch your life change. Healthy relationships are hard work. They require trust, honesty, communication, and respect. Most importantly, they require God. I love you all and I pray you have a wonderful Tuesday. Be safe, be blessed.

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