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Happy Monday

Happy Monday! Today my focus is to be thankful for everything I experience and every lesson learned. I want to focus my attention on all the wonderful things God has given and not the things lost. Yesterday was one of the worse days I’ve had since the loss of my parents. Yet, I’m still standing. I think I’ve recited “FAITH over fear” a million times in the last 24 hours. I can’t “preach” that which I am unwilling to practice. I never want to question God’s timing but there are days I still remain in a state of disbelief. But God! If I haven’t learned anything in the last year, I’ve learned that God provides. He knows the desires of my heart, and HE will take care of me. Stay grounded in the word and know that God will never take you to a place that he’s not willing to keep you. I love you all! Be safe, be blessed and have a marvelous Monday!

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One of the hardest things in the world is trying to figure out when grief will strike again. For me, it just appears. I can be good one day and the next day be horrible. The worse part about grief is no one truly understands. I always think the days will get better but they don’t. The truth is you have a few tolerable days in between the days you can’t see beyond the pain. Birthdays, holidays, everyday, will never be the same when you lose a loved one. As we near another holiday, while you enjoy your family, think about and pray for those that may grieving. Sometimes their cry is silent, yet their heart is still shattered. Just a little food for thought. Be safe, be blessed and know that you are loved.

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Thursday’s Thoughts

Welcome to Thursday’s Thoughts! Since we’ve had so much discussion around relationships, social media, dating, and the list goes on…. We’ve decided to Open Mic tonight’s Live @ NuSeasn via FB. Bring your thoughts and conversation, and join us at 7pm. The discussion is going to be great!

HE is, HE will…..

Over the last year I’ve had to learn some very tough lessons. Most importantly, it’s become more evident to me that ONLY what you do for Christ will last. People, money, clothes, cars, and shoes (just to name a few), will all come and go. The very ones that you thought had your back, will be the very people breaking you down. That thing you thought would make you feel better, will soon lose it’s significance. Yet through it all God still prevails. HE gives us who and what we need, when we need it. No longer do I look to earthly folks for comfort in my storm, I rest in the word and on HIS promises. My momma used to always say, “God is your strength and HE is your provider. HE alone is enough”. I didn’t understand it then, but I truly get it now. In everything I do, and in all that I encounter, I find peace in knowing I have HIM. Have a wonderful Wednesday and know that I love you. Be safe, be blessed.