It’s A Process

Often times I reflect on things and situations in my life and wonder, “Did I make the right decision? Did I think things through? Did I put forth my BEST effort?” Hmm, on MOST occasions the answer would be yes. You see I’m human, I allow my feelings and emotions to get the BEST of me at times. But when they began to control my decisions I know it’s time to reevaluate. Everything in life either comes with a blessing, a lesson, or a price. NOTHING in life is free. When we acknowledge our mistakes we allow ourselves the opportunity for growth. Lessons sometimes have to be repeated. The blessing in situations sometimes has to be hidden, and the price is sometimes very costly. The joy in it all is that in most cases you changed. YOU became a better YOU. Through our tests and trials we gain strength and knowledge. We recognize our strengths and our weaknesses. What are you willing to acknowledge about yourself? Are you being honest? Lol, the truth about ourselves can be appalling! Decide today to: Live, Learn, Laugh, Love unconditionally, REPEAT! Have a blessed day, I love you all.

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