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Teach Me Tuesday

Good morning all! Today is Teach Me Tuesday! Have you ever sat back and wondered why God has placed you in a position (class) to learn and grow spiritually? Have you ever looked beyond the message only to realize the lesson had a plan? Stop, listen, and learn! If we’d spend more time learning the lesson we wouldn’t have to retake the class. Today just ask God to TEACH you. It takes prayer, patience, and work, but he’s the BEST teacher I know. Have a wonderful Tuesday! Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you.

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Trust HIM

Ever wonder where you’d be without God’s grace and his mercy? Ever wonder why HE saved you? Do you ever feel like why ME Lord? I do, I do, and I do! I think about these things almost daily. Thinking to myself “Now Lord I told you, you had my attention. Was all this necessary?” I laugh because even when I think HE had my attention, HE still didn’t HAVE MY ATTENTION. Sometimes HE allows things to happen because we refuse to give it to HIM. Where the mind goes, the spirit will follow. Be careful of who and what has your attention. Stay focused! Just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean your answers not coming. Your peace, your joy, your understanding in every situation, IS COMING! Give it to God, then TRUST HIM. Now that’s a 3am word! Have a wonderful Thursday, know that I love you. Be safe, be blessed.

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Midday moment…..

Midday transparent moment: As I get older and go through different things I’ve been reminded that not everything is about me. It, is all about God and HIS glory. I recently had a situation where my past experiences almost interrupted my current state of mind. Meaning that because of everything I’ve been through I almost fell back into a place of rejection and abandonment. But God reminded me that not every situation is about me. I am not the victim, I am the victor! My point in telling you this is that sometimes we have to be reminded that even in what seems to be a valley situation you are a child of God and because of this you will WIN! Why? Because after this, HE gets the glory. Not you, not anyone else. Learn to walk in FAITH, speak LIFE over yourself and your situation, and know that God will always answer. In HIS time……..

Worship Wednesday!

It’s worship Wednesday y’all! Now I don’t know who needs to hear this but please know that your praise and your worship is vital to your day! Don’t you know when you wake up with a praise in your heart and a worship on your spirit your day goes SO much better. Be intentional about these two things. Sometimes you have to purposefully place yourself in an environment of praise. If you don’t have anything or anyone, remember that you have God. HE is worth your praise and your worship. Make a vow today to stop worrying and pondering on things you can’t change. Choose to worship! Give God some praise for what HE has already done and have FAITH in what HE has promised to do. Happy Wednesday y’all, I love you. Be safe, be blessed.

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It’s A Process

Often times I reflect on things and situations in my life and wonder, “Did I make the right decision? Did I think things through? Did I put forth my BEST effort?” Hmm, on MOST occasions the answer would be yes. You see I’m human, I allow my feelings and emotions to get the BEST of me at times. But when they began to control my decisions I know it’s time to reevaluate. Everything in life either comes with a blessing, a lesson, or a price. NOTHING in life is free. When we acknowledge our mistakes we allow ourselves the opportunity for growth. Lessons sometimes have to be repeated. The blessing in situations sometimes has to be hidden, and the price is sometimes very costly. The joy in it all is that in most cases you changed. YOU became a better YOU. Through our tests and trials we gain strength and knowledge. We recognize our strengths and our weaknesses. What are you willing to acknowledge about yourself? Are you being honest? Lol, the truth about ourselves can be appalling! Decide today to: Live, Learn, Laugh, Love unconditionally, REPEAT! Have a blessed day, I love you all.

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