Thursday’s Thoughts: Dating and children

Yesterday on we addressed a question posed regarding blended families and the challenges one mother is having with her teenage son accepting her soon to be husband. We received LOTS of great feedback! Today we’d like to go a step further and give our dating community some thoughts on dating with children. Please drop us your suggestions, Thoughts, comments, etc. I love you all and Happy Thursday!

3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts: Dating and children

  1. I’m married to someone who is not my kids father. And blending in the beginning was so hard. It actually took a year for things to gel. I have two boys and they were very protective of me. But you can’t not be happy and date because you have kids.

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    1. I’m still struggle with the blended family situation. I brought 2 kids in the marriage he brought in 2 kids. I had a conversation with my kids about me getting married, they were excited. He didn’t talk to his kids prior. His youngest child was young when we started dating so he was ok but his oldest has given me nothing but attitude will not listen to anything I say and has flat out told me “I don’t like you.” I’m at my wits end on what to do.

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      1. Honestly I would pray about it. And my husband would take my daughter and son’s out separately to get to know them and just hang out doing what they liked. It really broke the ice with them. Maybe that will help. But I would definitely talk to your husband and see if he can come up with any ideas on how to help.

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