Daily Archives: March 3, 2019

It’s Prayer Time….

Lately, I hear my momma saying over and over, “It’s prayer time Saint Mark!” Nobody could say that like she could. Filled with fire and the Holy Spirit she knew what that meant. You may not be at Saint Mark, but you know that you’ve missed the MARK! You see in every situation we have to learn “it’s prayer time”. In the good, during the bad, and in our contentment, there should always be time to pray. Your relationship with God is the most important relationship for you to have. Spending time with HIM is time well spent. Get to know God, spend some time with HIM, and most important remember “it’s prayer time”.

It’s funny how we get everywhere else in inclement weather but when it comes to church we will contemplate staying home. I am so glad I pressed my way this morning. I didn’t let the snow, wind chill, or anything else get in the way of my worship. This should be our attitude everyday. Nothing and no one should interrupt your worship! Have an awesome Sunday and know that I love you. Be safe, be blessed! Copyright © 2019 NuSeasn. All rights reserved.