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Today’s message at church touched on the topic of forgiveness. The topic was so timely for both me and my children. It was a time to reflect on the wrongs we’ve endured and those that we’ve taken part in. As I sat and listened I too realized that I need to truly forgive some people and definitely LET IT GO! I’ve been over the situations but I struggled somewhat to truly forgive. Well, today is the day. You are forgiven! In forgiving you, I ask that you forgive me. Whatever the issue, whatever the cause, I apologize. Whew, I’ve let it go! Be safe, be blessed. I love you all!

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Live in the now….

If you are anything like me you find yourself worrying about your tomorrow and what the future holds for you. I find myself engulfed with trying to make plans and sort out not only my life, or my children’s, but the lives of those around me. Everyday I focus on yesterday, today, tomorrow, and next week. This not good! It’s in these moments that I thank God for a true relationship with HIM. He always knows when to mandate my attention and remind me to live in the present. We have the most amazing pillow talks. You see, there is nothing I can do about yesterday, it’s gone. Anything beyond this moment is not promised so why worry about it? God gives us everything we need in the present. Be grateful for this moment. Do unto him that which is according to his word right now. That’s all you can do. Don’t allow your fear to overshadow your faith. They can’t coexist. Choose faith, it’s easier on the heart and the mind. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Be safe, be blessed and know that I love you.

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Tuesday reminder

When the enemy tries and doesn’t win…..LMBO! I just love it when God shows up and reminds me that I don’t have to subject myself to the issues that other people have. Take you and your issues and exit stage left! You are not welcome here. You tried it! Now keep it pushing. Carrying on my friends. God never takes us to a place he is not willing and able to keep US. Just a little Tuesday reminder.

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