Daily Archives: January 28, 2019

New Season

“It’s a new season, it’s a new day…..Fresh anointing, is coming my way…..” ~ Israel Houghton

Today marks the end of the final chapter, and the beginning of a new book. Sometimes we have to make the last chapter, our best chapter! Great novelist pride themselves in knowing how to draw from the first book and inspire their BEST in the sequel. God will allow us to go through things in hopes to prepare us for the BEST (the sequel, the follow up). Be prepared for HIS BEST in your life. Make today your best Monday ever! Do something you haven’t done, forgive someone you haven’t forgiven, or bless somebody that needs a blessing. Whatever you do, give God your BEST! It will not return void. I love you all, be blessed. Copyright © 2019 NuSeasn

I am not the things I have, nor the things I long for. I am exactly what HE created me to be. I am ME. There’s no better feeling than knowing HE took HIS time making little ole me. HE loves US just the way WE are. PRICELESS! I love u too, goodnight.





Copyright © 2019 NuSeasn