Simple Reminders

Sometimes it takes mere discomfort and feelings of uncertainty to help regain our focus. We grow comfortable and complacent in what we see as having “arrived”. The irony is that we are always evolving thus we never truly “arrive”. We are always looking and working to better ourselves and our situation (at least we should be). For a mere 24 hours I allowed what was a blessing, to be overshadowed by a temporary disposition. In hindsight, I know that things aren’t always as they seem. In the moment it doesn’t feel good, but allow yourself time for it to process. Friends, today I task you with being reminded that God is the only constant in our lives. Just as we disappoint, others do also. But HE is ever forgiving, and we should be as well. If we want to be forgiven, we have to forgive also. I love you all, be blessed. Happy Friday!

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