Better Days

It’s funny how we can have our days mapped out and decided yet God’s plan be SO different. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of my mother’s passing and my flesh had decided that I was going wallow in grief and despair. I allowed myself several hours in that space then remembered who I was, and most importantly whose I was. In my grief, I have ministered to more people than I could have ever imagined. Learning to remove self and be available to his calling. Today I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on my life and the path I’ve been on for nearly 42 years. You see God has been preparing me for these days all my life. My mother’s job was to ensure that I had the Godly foundation to survive them. Her job has been completed. I am grateful for all the memories and the tears that will continue to fall. I thank God for being blessed with such a jewel. For those of you feeling down and alone in your journey just know that God has not left you, in fact he’s closer than he’s ever been. I love you all, be blessed and be a blessing! Happy December 21st! ❤️ #ImOnAssignment #NuSeasn #BetterDays

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