Monthly Archives: November 2018

You’re being watched……

Nothing in life goes without notice. It may take some time, but it never goes without notice. Be careful of the way you treat others. Be mindful of the things you say and do. You may not realize the depth of your choices but someone, is always watching. Be it in public or the privacy of your own home your actions, thoughts, and words have authority over who and what you say you are. Train your heart and your mind to align with each other. Practice love and positive energy. You’ll thank me for it later. Have a marvelous Monday and know that I ❤️ U.

Good morning sunshine! Decide today that yesterday would be the last time you doubted HIM. It is your faith that will give you the power to get through the situation you are going through. Stop allowing every road block to overwhelm and discourage you. That’s just God’s way of putting you back on HIS track. You see, the greater our faith the smaller our problem. HE has the power to do all things, just trust HIM. “Greater is HE that is in ME, than HE that is in the world.” In whom will you trust? Be safe, be blessed, and know that I ❤️ you.

Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone means doing things different in order to reflect change in your life. God never promised that life would be easy. What HE did promise was to never leave or forsake you. Worrying has never changed or made your situation better. Learning to trust HIM in every situation makes life SO much easier. To whom MUCH is given, MUCH is required. It’s a new day, it’s a new season. Have a wonderful day, and know that I❤️U. Be blessed.

New Season

“God is getting ready to purge your circle. If they couldn’t hold you down during the worst season of your life, then they are not worthy to go with you to the greatest elevation of your life.” Pastor Jamal Bryant

Seasons change people. Allowing God to elevate you will sometimes force you into uncomfortable territory. But never fear, He’s got you covered. HE will never put you in a situation he’s not willing to guide and take care of you. Trust the process, trust HIM. Faith over fear……..I❤️U!

Life goes on, and I plan to live it to the utmost! Glad that I have faith that I KNOW can get me through absolutely ANYTHING! With that said, let’s get off the pity party and get back to business. We’ve always struggled and now more than ever we need to stand firm in our beliefs and encourage our children to be better than what they see happening around them. Happy Friday folks! I❤️U