Monthly Archives: October 2018


When God takes you through something it’s amazing how HE aligns things up exactly for you to see it. It’s like every step you make you KNOW that HE has HIS hands in it. Lol, from sleeping at night, to the way people treat you, the tests turned testimonies, to focusing my attention on HIM. It’s evident that BETTER is coming and I’m gonna position myself to get it! When you’re faithful over a little, God makes way for the increase. I count it all Joy! Be blessed, and be a blessing to somebody today. I LOVE YOU! (In my mommas voice) 😊 Have a wonderful Monday!

Make it happen….

Rise and shine people. It’s Make it Happen Monday. Any unfinished business, projects, issues, or situations that need to be addressed: Make it Happen today! Stop procrastinating and talking about things that can be done right now. That uncomfortable conversation, Have it! All the tools you need God has already provided. Now MAKE IT HAPPEN! I love U and have a blessed day.

Don’t quit

Good morning! How many times have we failed ourselves, our families, and or our friends? Most of us can say a few times at least. When we fail those that matter the most what should our response be? How do we handle people or situations that hurt or let us down? Think about it, in everything and everyone there is opportunity to fail. It’s our choice to determine our attitude and how we handle our shortcomings. Instead of allowing your temporary circumstance to affect your permanent being, stop-pray-seek HIM. He is an all knowing, all seeing, and an ALL-mighty God. With HIM all things are possible. As you prepare for your day I ask that you pray for and pray with me. Let’s pray and encourage one another. Failure is NOT an option, it’s an opportunity. Now get out the bed and LETS GO! Have an awesome day. Be safe, be blessed, and know that I love you.

Teach Me Tuesday….

Good morning all! Today is Teach Me Tuesday! Have you ever sat back and wondered why God has placed you in a position (class) to learn and grow spiritually? Have you ever looked beyond the message only to realize the lesson had a plan? Stop, listen, and learn! If we’d spend more time learning the lesson we wouldn’t have to retake the class. Today just ask God to TEACH you. It takes prayer, patience, and work, but he’s the BEST teacher I know. Have a wonderful day and remember, I LOVE you!

Thursday’s Thoughts: Dealing with childhood sex abuse

Now more than ever, cases of childhood sex abuse is being reported. Not only are the cases addressing new or current incidents, incidents from years past are being reported. Many children, now adults continue to be haunted by the pain incurred at the hands of someone close to them. Childhood sex abuse; are you a victim, survivor, or a person of support? Let’s talk tonight at 7pm.