Monthly Archives: September 2018

Freedom Friday

Over last few years I’ve learned that being free isn’t always a physical state. Most often it’s a state of mind, a state of being.  At times we allow our past struggles, hurt, disappointment, and rejections to keep us in an incarcerated state of being. God did not sacrifice his life for us to then be prisoners. He died for us to have life and to live more abundantly. Aren’t you tired of carrying that dead life around with you? Then let whatever it is GO! Choose life, choose freedom, and live the life God has provisioned just for you. Happy Friday, I love you all!


Thursday’s Thoughts: If you were granted a “DO OVER”

If you were able to rewind the hand of time what would you go back and do differently? Why or why not? Consider this, life is full of lessons. Some we master on first attempt and some we have to repeat. Are you still repeating these lessons? Join us today at 7pm as we discuss your life “do over”.


When God decides to bless you learn to share the gift. Often times we are blessed to be a blessing. “To whom much is given, much is required”. Stop asking for things you aren’t ready to receive and give back. Be careful what you ask God for. Be intentionally specific in your requests. He listens, He answers, and He always provides! I love you all, goodnight. ❤️

Don’t Settle!

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to think outside the box. Not only remind ourselves but encourage others to do the same. Nothing happens by mere chance. Prayer, hard work, and dedication go a long way. Don’t settle for less than God’s BEST for your life! Be encouraged, have a little faith, and make that move! Don’t settle, and don’t ever give up! I love you all, goodnight. ❤️