Monthly Archives: August 2018

As I continue to work on myself, I find it necessary to reevaluate certain people and situations. What I’ve found is that when people offend or hurt me I shut them off and out of my life. I’m learning that forgiveness and distance is the best way to handle these situations. Not that I didn’t forgive them before but now I can move beyond the pain and hurt. It doesn’t matter any longer what they do or what they think because I’ve moved on! My mother used to always say “Never let the devil have the final say”. I understand that now more than ever! Don’t let the actions or “lack there of” of other people impede on your happiness and the life God has planned for you. Be great and live with purpose, ON PURPOSE! I love you all. ❤️

Thursday’s Thoughts: Love

Thursday’s thought: Love. Instead of tuning in for our LIVE blog at 6pm, I’m asking all of you to reach out to 5 people you haven’t heard from in a while and tell them you LOVE them. This can be done via FB, phone call, text, Snapchat, or whatever. Just do it! Life is short and everyone needs and desires to feel and be loved! I love you all, have a blessed Thursday!