Daily Archives: July 8, 2018

Missing my momma….

I’ve been hesitant to reflect on this new reality because I wasn’t sure how I would respond to it. This has been the first time ever that I’ve been away from my children and my mom not be with them. To some this may seem like a simple situation but for US, it’s not! I’ve found myself more worried on vacation than I’ve ever been in my life. You see, my momma was my ROCK! She was the Bread and the butter. Life without her will never be the same for us. One thing I will forever be grateful for is her teaching me that only what you do for Christ will last. This life here on earth is temporary. She knew her days were numbered and the things taught in her final days were her BEST lessons. She will forever be missed, but her legacy will always live in me. Happy Sunday people! #ChroniclesOfaPK

Quiet time

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to retreat. Taking some quiet time to just do nothing. For me that has been very hard to do. My life has been so consumed with making sure my children are okay and that their needs are met, I rarely find time to get away. I thank God for my family and friends that allow and support my time away. It has been the vacation I needed. I’ve had the opportunity to be among thousands of women that resemble me, yet we are so different. Everyone has their own swag and whatever that may be they carry it out confidently. We are all beautiful! Beauty isn’t what we are, it’s who we are! Essence Festival, I will be back. But while I’m here, I will remain in my peaceful, quiet place. Not allowing anything or anyone to interrupt my this space. I love you, and hope you have an awesome Sunday!