Monthly Archives: July 2018

New Season

Good morning. In all things get an understanding. When clarity is given you have the tools to make sound decisions. HE is not a God of confusion. Seek HIM. I finally have some clarity, got some much needed rest, and I feel so much better. It amazes me how God will show up in your storm and make everything around you be STILL. The teacher is always at work. Those committed to the journey always make time to travel. While others wait for difficulty and failure. Time to trim my circle. Everything and everybody ain’t ready. I love you still, it’s just a Nu Seasn! Be safe, be blessed.

Don’t be afraid

The Bible says that God has prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies. Do you really KNOW what that means? For me, I am reminded that no matter what I go through in life God has my back. Though the enemy comes to destroy God has me covered. Don’t be afraid, for HE is with YOU! In the midst of all that you do, all that you endure, and when everything seems to stand in your way, God is with you. I love you and I pray that you have a blessed Sunday.


Sometimes it takes getting away and spending time reflecting, to put what’s really important into perspective. When life happens and things you go through seem to take a toll, always remember that God is still in control. The more I strive to be better, the harder and more intense the devils attacks seem to be. But I won’t give up, and I won’t give in. Even from the mountains……there is a word. Happy Saturday! I love you all.

Good morning people. Time to get up and get moving! If you haven’t done so already have a little talk with HIM. Tell HIM all about it, then let it GO! I promise you’ll feel better. You see HE is the only one that can make it better. Worrying never solved one of your problems so don’t expect it to now. Lol, let it GO and let GOD! I love you. Be safe, be blessed, and be a blessing!

Good morning! Ever feel like you’re just going with the flow in life? Stop going with the flow and start creating your own FLOW. Live life according to HIS plan for you and stop trying to fit in. The roads you’ve traveled were created just for YOU. Embrace them and be thankful that HE hand picked you for such a time as this. Remember, there’s no testimony without a test. God loves you and so do I! Have a great day everyone.