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Under Construction

It’s been such an exciting day! When you work hard to step out of your comfort zone to do HIS will, HE will show up! I am so excited about the things God is doing in my life. Are you excited? Have you ever just stopped and wondered where you would be without the Lord? Man! I would be nothing without him. What about you? Ever sit back in awe of what God has done? He’s such an awesome God. Just when I think I’ve seen him work his BEST, he does it all over again. HE works a miracle! Glad to have HIM. Glad to be in HIS word. Glad to be working on being what HE wants me to be. Always under construction, working at being the BEST version of me! Stay blessed and remember that I love you! ❤️

Truth is we all have something that we are battling. Be it relationships, addictions, depression, work, or just life in general. Everyone you encounter has a struggle. Please be mindful of how you treat others. You might be the encouragement they need. So be careful, be kind, and be a blessing to someone else. All it takes is a minute to be kind. Have a blessed day and know that I love you.

A Prayer for Today

In the midst of everything that goes on I ask God to keep me grounded. Allow me to stay focused on what’s important and who’s important in my life. There are so many distractions and I refuse to fall prey. Instead, I will press on and continue to be the epitome of courage and faith that this season of my life requires. And although the enemies attacks continue, I acknowledge and rebuke every attempt. No weapon formed against me, nor my family shall prosper. In his name…….Amen

Press on

Yesterday our Thursday’s thoughts LIVE blog was on encouragement. There were many ways that our audience shared to deal with moments of depression, loneliness, and despair. Scripture tells us that God is always with us. Even when it seems as though we are alone, he is ever present. For this reason we should never lose hope. When we pray we should always be hopeful that God will answer. He may not always answer when you want him to, but he is always on time. Remember to begin each day refreshed and focused on things to come. Be mindful of the things you say. Death and life flow through the tongue. Live your life for HIS purpose, on purpose! I love you, stay encouraged, and be blessed. Press on! God is not through with you yet. Happy Friday!

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Thursday’s Thoughts: Encouragement

Ever find yourself sad, depressed, and feeling alone? Ever just need to be encouraged? How are you encouraged? Who encourages you? What do you do to encourage others? What are your suggestions to and for those needing extra encouragement? Tune in to our LIVE blog at 6pm and be ready to discuss with us. Have a blessed day and remember I love you.

Wonderful Wednesday!

Most of us see Wednesday’s as hump day! The middle of the week, with two days left until the weekend. I try to look at it as another wonderful Wednesday. Why is it wonderful? It’s wonderful because we are here among the living. If you’re reading this you have the ability to see and to read. Isn’t that a blessing? It’s also a day that many of us participate in some sort of bible study or church activity. Nothing beats that midweek dose of the word. If you don’t have a midweek ritual, get you one. You’ll thank me later! Have a blessed Wednesday and remember God loves you and so do I!

On Purpose

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about where my life would be if my parents were here. I wonder if my focus and attention would be different. I wonder what we’d be doing and what trips they’d accompany me and the kids on this summer. I say this to remind you that life is so short. One day we are here and the next day we aren’t. Living everyday “On Purpose” as one of my dear friends would say, is why we are here. We were created to live our life on purpose, for HIS purpose. Everyday we need to strive to be a better version of who we are. We do this by making small changes in our lives and striving everyday to be more Christ-like. None of us are perfect and we all fall short. Remember to dust yourself off daily and allow each day to be a challenge to get better and do better. With Christ all things are possible. You can do it! I love you and be blessed. ❤️

HE Can’t Be Fooled!

God will never allow you to be fooled. Trust in him and allow him to work in and through you. It amazes me how people think that God is unaware of their actions! Don’t you know that everything you do and say he knows? Be careful how you treat people, always try to keep your word, and most importantly be true to who and what you are! You are a child of the king. You were created for this! Now walk into your destiny……

The devil thought he had me today. I don’t think so! Thanks for the reminder friend. I love you guys and wish you nothing but God’s BEST! Have a great afternoon.

Think Outside of You

Great day to call and tell someone you love them. Life can bring an array of events that oftentimes leave people feeling isolated and alone. We have to do better at reaching those that are confused and lost. We live in times where we get too busy to think about the cares and and concerns of others. We are totally consumed in ourselves. Today, I challenge you to think outside of yourself and make someone else’s day a little brighter. God loves you, and so do I. Be blessed…..