Take time

Something about taking time for yourself does the heart, the mind, and the soul good. I can remember when my children were babies and I thought precious moments alone were a thing of the past. Now that they are teenagers, this Momma gets free time ALONE! While it doesn’t happen very often, it’s very NECESSARY! Lol, for them and for me! Time to think, reflect, and reassess where my life is headed. Reflecting on the good, the bad, and the BEST that’s in my future sure brings me joy. I could sit here all day and think of the blessings that are coming my way. With my Pandora playing and iPad at hand, what more could a girl ask for? Ahhhhh, freedom. The freedom to enjoy my ME time! Happy Saturday folks. ❤️

Photo credit: http://mommymorphosis.blogspot.com

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