Know Your Worth!

Why do we think the same actions, behaviors, or responses, are going to get a different result? You have to do something different to get a different ending. I had someone tell me yesterday that I’ve changed, I’m not the same person. My response? You’re absolutely right! Life, people, goals, and a legacy I’m devoted to live HAS CHANGED ME! I wanted to go in on them, but I decided what for? People will always find wrong in your “good” doing when you are no longer giving in to efforts which benefit them. Lol, this person knew just how to strike my nerve! Little did they know, yesterday I walked into surgery, no complications. I’m home with my babies, no restrictions. And God still reigns as the head of my life! With that said friends, don’t let people continue to place you where they want you to be. Know your worth. Walk in the destiny that God has prepared just for you! Have a blessed and know that I love you!

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