Thursday’s Thoughts: Surviving Trauma

Have you survived a traumatic situation or loss? What did you do to get through it? What would be your advice to others who’ve endured a similar situation? Like, comment, and share ( Join me this evening as I go LIVE at 5:30 pm to discuss my experiences and address your comments.

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3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts: Surviving Trauma

  1. Amazing you would cover this today. I have now discovered this is my lot! More on the lines of 2nd Time trauma… God led me to someone just last week who not only diagnosed it but also have been very pivotal and helping and providing me with the tools to get through it. Although I though I knew all that was required to get through the storm i am currently in, the trauma required me to dig deeper and even reach out for the help that I needed in order to survive and deal with the trauma. I am confident sure in the fact that God’s grace is even more so sufficient in this season of my life. I look forward to more and praise God for your step of faith!

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