Daily Archives: May 21, 2018

Shut It Down

When the enemy attacks, shut it down! Don’t allow negative people or things to disrupt your life. Not every action deserves a reaction. Sometimes it’s best to simply walk away. You determine the mess you entertain! The less you act, the less you speak……..the more powerful the message is received. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Ultimately, the devil will back away. Have a great day, keep your smile, and know that somebody loves you! 😊

Lessons Learned

It’s funny how situations come full circle. Today my children learned a tough lesson, and through it all they held on to their smiles just for me. As mothers we never stop teaching life lessons. Through my tears I was able to show them that when people show themselves to you, you believe them. The picture has never been so clear. Lord knows I thank HIM for THEM. For today I am sure of who I am and whose I am. Therefore, I am not afraid to remove myself from people that mean me no good. Thank you mommy for always having my back. I love you more then you’ll ever know. #NiteCap #Throwback #NuSeasn