Thursday thoughts: Do you know your purpose?

Last night in our #MidPoint Bible Study we discussed the importance of knowing what our purpose in life is. There were many important points made by Pastor Robert Johnson. The one that stuck out most for me was that God will give you everything you need to develop and walkout your purpose, but you have to position yourself to heed his calling. He never promised an easy road, but will see you through. Do you know what your purpose is? Are you prepared to begin living life on purpose? Please share your thoughts…..

4 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts: Do you know your purpose?

  1. Good food for thought. I think sometimes we often negate our purpose for the sake of survival. Our purpose may not line up with our bread and butter, so we quickly push it to the back burner.. survival mode. But when you find your purpose it will align you and work to His glory.

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  2. We are all meant to do something different in this world. I ignored my purpose because I didn’t feel like I was good enough. But what I failed to realize is that he was preparing me all along. Took me awhile to understand that. But now I’m living out my purpose.


    1. Wow! How awesome is that! I’ve known my purpose for a while now. I haven’t always walked in it, but I knew it was my gift. When my mother died, it was very blatant! Both my gift and my purpose was boldly made plain. While it took tragedy for me to “get it”, I understand it now. Keep living your purpose sis. #NuSeasn #FaithOverFear


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