That moment

That moment you go to the doctor and have to go over your paperwork……….next of kin, Vickie McDaniel. Ugh! Welp, that didn’t go over well. It’s the little things that will have your entire day thrown off. But! I refuse to allow the enemy to steal my joy. I thought I had changed all my documents. Just when I think I’m ready to move forward another scar is opened. Grief, I’m learning isn’t about time, feelings, love, or anything else. Grief is a process. You never know when it’s going to hit. For the most part I have good days, and then there’s day like today. I wake up missing my mom and dad and the feeling of loss never seems to subside. This is when I depend on my faith to push me through. When you have an overflow of faith on your good days, you have supplemental faith for your bad days. Because of that, I know that I will be okay. Practice having faith my friends, you never know when you might need that overflow. Faith without works is dead! #NuSeasn #FaithOverFear

10 thoughts on “That moment

  1. Amen and the strength that you have to just keep moving is amazing. I know that it is nothing but the GOD in you. Love you Sis!!!

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  2. I just read all the blogs…there is a sense of calm that your writing gave to me. You truly have a gift! Keep writing and I’ll keep reading. ❤

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