Daily Archives: May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day Momma!

Good morning, and welcome! As I embark on something new and exciting, I want to take the time out to salute my momma, the late Pastor Vickie McDaniel. Momma, for years you have encouraged me to put my faith, my words, and my purpose into action. Losing you (and daddy) has been the most traumatizing season of my life. Much worse than debt, or sickness, or divorce, or broken promises could ever amount to be. Through the pain God has allowed me to see that with HIM nothing is impossible. HE all by himself is enough. In my alone time I hear your voice pushing me to do more, and to be better. Yes ma’am, I hear you. Because of you, writing has always been a part of my life and I thank you for that. Today, is the launch of my very own blog, NuSeasn. Guess who got the first post? YOU! Why you? That’s simple. Because you have always encouraged me to be the BEST me and to never live life in regret. One of the things I will always remember you saying is, “Lisa, you have the gift, now put it into action”. I have a gift, we all have a gift. It’s putting it into action that is key. Living life without my greatest inspiration has taught me that nothing in life, outside of Christ, lasts forever. Because of this, I choose today to live my life on purpose and with purpose. When you know your purpose, God will give you the tools to be successful at it. Happy Mother’s Day Momma, it’s a #NuSeasn!