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Thursday’s Thoughts: What is Love?

Is it a feeling, an expression, a thought, or a gesture? Is it the way we talk, think, or act? What is love? How do I see it? How do I show it? How do I desire it? What is love to you? Join me today at 5:30pm as we go live and discuss LOVE. Please like, share, and comment your thoughts. See you at 5:30pm.

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Too Blessed, to be Stressed!

Good morning people! What a blessing it is to be kept. I could complain about many things but I won’t. I am too blessed to ponder on feelings that are temporary. No matter whats going on in your life, make today GREAT. Yesterday was yesterday, today is brand new. It’s a new season. I love you and don’t forget that SMILE.Photo credit:

God Blocked It!

Good morning. It’s in the most awkward moments of our life that we can see the TRUE distance of how far God has brought us. Friends, HE has brought me from a mighty long way and I am so grateful. Today is a change of seasons for me. Not one season, but a few New Seasons! I will began your day with confirmation that “what God has for you, is for you”! Thank him for not allowing things that aren’t meant for your good. Have a wonderful day and know that I LOVE U.

Happy Memorial Day

Today we honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country. These individuals leave behind their families, their friends, and their places of comfort to ensure that we have an opportunity to live in peace and tranquility. Please take a moment out of your day to thank our servicemen and women, their families, and those that share in making our country a better place to live. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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Living your life to the fullest doesn’t always mean getting and doing what you want. Sometimes the greatest treasures are those you’ve waited for the longest. As a people we tend to get so caught up in the ‘have not’ section of our lives we forget to be grateful for all that we do have. Wait for it, whatever it is, it will come.

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Take time

Something about taking time for yourself does the heart, the mind, and the soul good. I can remember when my children were babies and I thought precious moments alone were a thing of the past. Now that they are teenagers, this Momma gets free time ALONE! While it doesn’t happen very often, it’s very NECESSARY! Lol, for them and for me! Time to think, reflect, and reassess where my life is headed. Reflecting on the good, the bad, and the BEST that’s in my future sure brings me joy. I could sit here all day and think of the blessings that are coming my way. With my Pandora playing and iPad at hand, what more could a girl ask for? Ahhhhh, freedom. The freedom to enjoy my ME time! Happy Saturday folks. ❤️

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Know Your Worth!

Why do we think the same actions, behaviors, or responses, are going to get a different result? You have to do something different to get a different ending. I had someone tell me yesterday that I’ve changed, I’m not the same person. My response? You’re absolutely right! Life, people, goals, and a legacy I’m devoted to live HAS CHANGED ME! I wanted to go in on them, but I decided what for? People will always find wrong in your “good” doing when you are no longer giving in to efforts which benefit them. Lol, this person knew just how to strike my nerve! Little did they know, yesterday I walked into surgery, no complications. I’m home with my babies, no restrictions. And God still reigns as the head of my life! With that said friends, don’t let people continue to place you where they want you to be. Know your worth. Walk in the destiny that God has prepared just for you! Have a blessed and know that I love you!


When things are going great, pray. When all else fails, pray. When you feel alone and blue, pray. When you have some friends and the times you have none, pray. You see the trend here? In everything you do, and in every situation good or bad, PRAY! Prayer changes things people!

When you’re relationship with God becomes just as important as some of the other ones you tend to value, your life will change for the better. Have a fabulous Friday and know that I love you!